Pahwanaa 15

Pahwanaa 15


Pah∙Wa∙Naa [ภาวนา] - "Hope"
The feeling that what is wanted can be had.

The Pahwanaa is just... beautiful! Designed with 'slouched' sides, the Pahwanaa achieves a harmonious balance between softness and structure. Made from the vintage fabric of Karen hill tribe shirts, the Pahwanaa is accompanied by a genuine leather strap and fully lined internals.

Bag Dimensions: 32x31cm
Strap Length: 59cm

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**Please Note: Our bags are made from vintage handcrafted fabrics and as a result may display some visible surface wear. Any minor imperfections are indicitive of the fabrics age/handmade nature and should be treated as a part of its rich history.