Nahruck 08

Nahruck 08


Nah∙Ruck [น่ารัก] - "Cute"
Attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty.

This is one of the cutest bags we have ever seen! Made from hand embroidered fabric of Northern Thailand's hill tribes, the Nahruck certainly lives up to its name.

This cross body bag comes with leather trim and adjustable strap. Inside, the bag is fully lined and contains a concealed zip pocket on one side.

Bag Dimensions: 28x19cm
Strap Length: Max 130cm (adjustable)

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**Please Note: Our bags are made from vintage handcrafted fabrics and as a result may display some visible surface wear. Any minor imperfections are indicative of the fabrics age/handmade nature and should be treated as a part of its rich history.