Ma-Noh Yai 10

Ma-Noh Yai 10


Ma∙Noh∙Yai [มโน] - "Heart" (big)
Capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection.

With the Ma-Noh you'll never lose your keys again! But these beautiful pieces are so much more than a key ring. The Ma-Noh can be attached to your bag as a bit of extra bling or attached to your clothing our belt loop for that extra something special.

Made from vintage Hmong and miao garments, the Ma-Noh is a little bit of history you can carry around with you!

Body Dimensions: 12.5x11cm

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**Please Note: Our bags are made from vintage handcrafted fabrics and as a result may display some visible surface wear. Any minor imperfections are indicitive of the fabrics age/handmade nature and should be treated as a part of its rich history.